Selkirk Nursery School Curriculum Statement

Theme-based, Emergent, Enriched, Montessori-Inspired

Selkirk Nursery School offers early learners a rich and diverse range of opportunities to discover, create, communicate, take risks, make choices and solve problems.  We sparkle our little ones interests in a variety of ways.  Our trained early years educators change the physical environment, alternating between daily and weekly materials and setting areas to promote individual, small group and large group activities.  We engage them in games and puzzles and offer quiet moments for exploration with an understanding of individual needs. Our daily intention is to help build each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth through enhancing our planned and spontaneous activities, environment, interactions and relationships based on the interests, needs and abilities we have noticed during their play.

We greet each child at their eye level as they begin their day with us.  We spend our time watching our early learners engaging in areas of enjoyment and through these observations are able to offer them…

a sense of wonder

by enhancing early learners’s understanding of their world through shapes, colors, numbers and letters. We await each day with an openness to their ideas which assist them to further develop a sense of who they are.


We provide information to families about their children’s learning and development by monthly newsletters and  posting  photos of special events.

Selkirk Nursery School believes in offering each child an enriched program surrounded with play-based opportunities supported by trained adults respectful and accepting of individual needs.  These opportunities are presented through our music, dance, gym, story telling and age and ability appropriate activities.

the time to ponder

by providing lots of free play time each session and understanding that each child learns at their own rhythm.  Our schedule is predictable so children are secure in knowing what to expect but is also flexible to make the most of learning opportunities.  Our  early learners are encouraged to observe and interact with natural materials, such as rocks, water and leaves offered through art, crafts, outside exploration, etc.  We also assist early learners in further understanding their world through hands on activities such as lacing, cutting, painting, gluing and tracing which develop skills such as fine motor, eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness.  Our trained early years educators are actively involved, using many different materials such as a variety of blocks, dress up clothes (for dramatic play), role play (airport, farmyard, etc.), puzzles, wheels, books and magnifying glasses to encourage each child to investigate their surroundings.

the curiosity to explore

by providing an atmosphere filled with ‘whys?’  Early learners are encouraged to ask questions and express thoughts freely with each other and with adults which develops skills such as language and reasoning, decision making and critical thinking.  Our trained educators are close at hand to support discovery throughout the day during snack time (foods that build the body), circle time (singing songs and rhyming with finger plays), outdoor activities (visiting a petting zoo) and exploring nature with picnics at the park which develop vocabulary and science concepts.  We also expose children to similarities and differences by providing play items and experiences that show diversity (for example, books about different cultures and posters of  people using specialized equipment).